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‘Moving The Needle’ a Platform for Supporting Women In Music Launches

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A group of influential women in the UK music industry have come together to form Moving The Needle (MTN) – a not-for-profit educational support group that encourages young women to enter the wide range of careers available in the UK music industry. 

Among the founders are Key Production Group CEO Karen Emanuel; Music For Nations label head Julie Weir;  Getahead CEO Jenni Cochrane; VoiceBox Consulting CEO Silvia Montello; Positive Subversion managing director Síofra McComb; and journalist and BIMM educator Jen Otter Bickerdike.

MTN’s mission is to boost the pipeline of young women coming into the industry by educating them about the wide range of careers available to them; to support women in all types of jobs within the UK music industry; to mentor women to reach their full potential and help them gain senior management roles.

Its vision is to see women of all backgrounds, ethnicities and personality types join the many niches and roles available; for women to know that their talent and hard work will be reflected in the promotions, pay and respect they deserve, regardless of gender; a 0% gender pay gap; women in 50% of the industry’s senior management roles; women staying in the industry beyond the age of 45.

MTN’s leadership programme will consist of mentoring and training via workshops, panels and debates, with a focus on building vital career skills, such as how to network and negotiate. The group will also help to drive out ‘imposter syndrome’ and build resilience.

Karen Emanuel, Founder & CEO of Key Production Group is a board member and founder of MTN. After 30 years running a company making physical music formats (records, CDs, cassettes), she reflects, “In the late 1980s, someone told me that to join this industry, I’d have to start as a secretary. Well I never learned to type, and I’ve done pretty well without that skill by knowing my numbers. But I’m still not seeing enough women come in and rise to the top in the ‘nuts and bolts’ side of this business. It drives me crazy.”

Find out more on how to get involved, or enrol, here.

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