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We’re proud to present our YouTube series ‘Off The Record’, featuring gear run downs and pro tips from Tileyard’s resident producers.

Check out the Off The Record playlist here

Episode 1 – Off the Record: Teenager Engineering OP-1 Tutorial with Paul Whalley

Record producer Paul Whalley (Mumford and Sons, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix) runs us through his favourite piece of kit, the legendary Teenage Engineering OP-1 sampler.

Episode 2 – Off the Record: How to Cut Vinyl with Gearbox Records

In the second episode in our Off The Record series, we visit Gearbox Records’ recording studio where they master and cut vinyl the old school way. Caspar walks us through cutting a track to vinyl on their Scully Lathe before talking about the classic mastering equipment in their studio.

Episode 3 – Off the Record: Euphonix CS3000 Console Tutorial with Jon Kelly

In the third episode in our Off The Record series, we visit producer Jon Kelly’s studio where he walks us through the what his Euphonix CS3000 Console can do & how it works.

Episode 4 – Off the Record: 3D Sound Technology with Martyn Ware

In the fourth episode in our Off The Record series, we visit record producer, music programmer and artist Martyn Ware of Human League and Heaven 17. From his studio Martyn walks us through what his three-dimensional sound technology can do and how it works.

Martyn founded Illustrious Company with Vince Clarke in 2001 to exploit the creative and commercial possibilities of their unique three-dimensional sound technology, in collaboration with fine artists, the performing arts and corporate clients around the world.

Episode 5 – Off the Record: Roland Juno-6 Synth Tutorial with Andrew Kingslow

In the fifth episode in our Off The Record series, we visit composer and producer Andrew Kingslow. From his studio Andrew walks us through what the Roland Juno-6 synth can do and how it works.

Episode 6 – Off the Record: Songwriting from Passion to Profession with Shaun Farrugia

In episode 6 in our Off The Record series, we chat to a new face at Tileyard, songwriter Shaun Farrugia. Shaun has recently joined Sigala’s publishing company, Lighthouse Music Publishing Ltd, off the back of his talent, persistence and dedication to his craft. Watch him explain his journey and provide some tips on how to break into the industry.

Episode 7 – Off the Record: Arturia Microfreak Tutorial with Bryan Borcherds

In the seventh episode in our Off the Record series, Arturia’s Bryan Borcherds runs us through the small looking, big sounding Microfreak Synth.

Episode 8 – Off the Record: Tips on Songwriting, Performing and Tackling Stage Fright with Tiggi Hawke

In episode 8 in our Off the Record series we chat to Tiggi Hawke, a singer-songwriter based at Tileyard London. Watch her explain the process of writing and taking a song from the studio to performing on tour and tackling stage fright.

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