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The Design Laboratory Celebrate Animal Spirit Collaboration with Discount Code

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The Design Laboratory are excited to share there is a limited run of 500 bottles of Animal Spirits’GIN01: The Rabbit available to pre-order now. To receive 10% off your first purchase, enter the discount code ‘DESIGNLABPALS’ at the checkout.

To celebrate the launch, delivery is free for this limited run. This means you pay £33.75 incl. delivery, instead of £42.50 (£37.50 standard price + £5 shipping). UK mainland shipping only.

More about the collaboration:

Doctor Lukas Radosa, (a micro-biologist and scientist with a passion for uniquely crafted potions) and his friend Eva Liparova, (a talented theatre producer) wanted to find creative partners for their new venture: Animal Spirits. Founded in Bermondsey London, Animal Spirits is a premium range of craft spirits inspired by nature, created through knowledge and celebrating the many characters of the animal kingdom.

The Design Laboratory accepted the challenge to make Lukas and Eva’s vision a reality. The project brought Animal Spirits to life by disrupting an already saturated market through design innovation and storytelling.

Animal Spirits tells a story of Botanical, Science and Spirits. The tale of an alchemist who blends knowledge and science through the magic of the distillation process  to release the characters of the Animal Spirits.

The Design Laboratory have partnered with Animal Spirits to tell this compelling story by developing the brand strategy, the creative direction,  tone of voice, brand identity, packaging and visual language as well as the brand website.

Read more about the project here

Check out Animal Spirits here

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