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Tileyard Connected: Creative Communities

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Join us for the first in our series of monthly webinars, ‘Tileyard Connected’.

Tileyard Connected is a platform for thought leaders, tastemakers, gamechangers and hitmakers of the creative industries to discuss topical themes based on their contribution and experience across a selection of carefully curated online events. We believe in the power of collaboration, as it is the foundation Tileyard was built upon.

Join us as we open up the room to some of the most influential thought leaders in their field, to discuss the importance of community as a space to learn, connect and grow.

For this event, we’ll deep dive into organic communities, digital communities and shared-interest communities.

Guest Speakers

Nick Keynes, Co-Founder, Tileyard

Paul Pacifico, CEO, AIM

Rebecca Ayres, Managing Director, Sound City, Co-Founder SSSO Northern UK

Kat Ober, Managing Director, Be Hook-d

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