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Tileyard Education Alumni Student Joins TALENTBANQ Team

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We are delighted to announce that MA Music Business alumni student, James Gamble, has joined the TALENTBANQ team as Venues and Events Manager.

We know James as being extremely experienced in organising and running live music events. Previously he has managed a weekly student club night while studying for his undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter. Before joining TALENTBANQ he was stage managing small live music events at various venues across London.

We recently caught up with James to tell us all about his journey, experiences and his exciting new role at TALENTBANQ.

James, how did you first find the Tileyard Community?

I first discovered Tileyard when I visited for a Music Industry day (run by Tileyard Ed) in May 2019. I knew I wanted to work in music, and had been trying to get into the industry for a few months but was struggling to get a foot in the door. Although I knew the event was run by Tileyard Education, I actually hadn’t really considered doing a Master’s at all. After visiting Tileyard it seemed like such a welcoming and exciting place that I left the Industry Day with the feeling that doing a Master’s here would be the best way to breakthrough into the industry!

What made it the right place for you to study your Music Business Masters?

It’s very cliché but it was just a feeling I got when I came to Tileyard which made me think this was the right place for me. I’ve always preferred finding work by just getting in front of people and getting to know them, rather than through long-winded, impersonal application processes, and therefore, with so many music businesses based at Tileyard I was hoping that the odds of this happening would be in my favour! The people I met on the Industry Day, especially the Tileyard Education people (shoutout to Lucy!) were very friendly and welcoming. I am also a big fan of Spitfire Audio’s products and so the fact that they are based at Tileyard was another draw for me.

How did you get to know and meet Talentbanq? What made you certain you wanted to work with them?

I first met Ray from TalentBanq when he came and introduced himself to me and a few other students sat outside Vinyl Café, and he handed out his ‘business card’ (in the form of a plectrum) to a couple of us. I felt that I wanted to work more in the live music aspect of the industry, and so when I was researching Tileyard-based companies to arrange a work placement, TalentBanq stood out to me. I have also always preferred the idea of working for a smaller, younger company as I think you learn a wider variety of skills, can have more influence within the company and directly see the results of your work! I also personally find it much more rewarding working as part of a small, close-knit team.

What was it like interning with them in the office?

The internship was brilliant, although it feels like a long time ago (back in February)! They were very welcoming, and being a small team I was instantly involved and busy which was great. I also feel very lucky because I managed to just about get the internship in before the COVID-19 lockdown caused everything to shut down.

How much would you say what you have learnt in the last year has contributed to you getting this role?

The main thing that I’ve learnt/improved is probably my networking skills, which is something Tileyard Ed get you doing straight away. I managed to get the job with TalentBanq through networking in and around Tileyard and so this has been an essential skill that I’ve been able to develop throughout the year. We also had a module in Live Music and Event Management (taught by Natalie Smith from Boomtown, who is really great!), which I loved at the time and has now proven to be extremely appropriate and useful.

And tell us, what does your new role entail? What are your daily duties?

I am the Venues and Events Manager at TalentBanq, so while the company is quite multi-faceted in its operations, I’ll be specifically focussing on the events and live music side of things. I’ll be organising events and booking artists for gigs that we are running, as well as then running the events themselves on the night to ensure everything goes smoothly. Obviously the COVID pandemic has made live music events very difficult and so at the moment my work is very much looking towards the future (2021), where we hope to run weekly events at The Acoustic Room (in Camden) and TT Liquor in Shoreditch. I’ll also be looking to get TalentBanq artists involved in all sorts of other exciting events such as festivals when they are allowed to return. We also have some exciting links with China so I’ll hopefully be working to arrange a live streaming show direct to China. We are also building a new website so that’s keeping us all very busy!

What are you most excited for in your future ahead working with the amazing Talentbanq team?

I am very excited about a lot of things to be honest. I can’t wait for live music to be able to return, and to be able to programme great shows with some of TalentBanq’s fantastic artists. I am also very excited to discover more brilliant musicians in London and to get the chance to invite them to join TalentBanq’s roster. The COVID situation has also given the company a chance to take a step back and develop some very exciting ideas, which I can’t say too much about at the moment, but cannot wait to be involved with!

Congratulations James! We are very happy for you and know this is a great step into a very successful future.


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