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Tileyard London Support Technology Start-Up Audoo

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We are excited to announce that Tileyard London has invested in Audoo. The technology platform will be joining the Tileyard community this summer.

Audoo is a technology platform revolutionising performance royalties. The company was created in 2018 by CEO & Founder, Ryan Edwards with a vision to create a more accurate system for compensating artists and composers.

Nick Keynes, Tileyard London co-founder, commented: “What Audoo are creating finally offers true and fair insight across the music industry. Like Ryan, I was a musician and have experienced the challenges of hearing my work in public areas without compensation.

“We’re proud to have invested in such an entrepreneurial business, and cannot wait to have the team here at Tileyard within our thriving creative community.”

Ryan Edwards stated: “We’re excited to have received investment from the team at Tileyard and to become a part of the most exciting music hub in Europe.

“Our mission to create a more transparent music industry will not be easy, but with incredible backers like Tileyard, it’s helps accelerate our vision.”

Stay tuned to hear more about Audoo moving to Tileyard in June 2020!

Audoo website





Banner image team photo from left to right:

-Karim Fanous, Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red

Nigel Elderton, Chairman of PRS for Music, European MD of Peer Music & Audoo Board Member

Isabel Garvey, MD of Abbey Road Studios

Ryan Edwards, Audoo Founder & CEO

Jess O’Brien, Head of Creative Community at Audoo

Greg Gormley, Audoo NED

Chris Herbert, Founder of Ten10 Management & Audoo NED

Cliff Fluet, Partner at Lewis Silkin, Advisor to Tileyard & Audoo Board Member

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