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Tileyard North Coming Soon

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We are excited to announce that Tileyard is expanding to Wakefield.

Standing next to the award-winning Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield is a collection of derelict mill buildings that date back to 1872. Enter Paul Kempe of City and Provincial Properties, one of Tileyard London’s founders who (when visiting the Hepworth) was intrigued by the run-down buildings that stand next door to the gallery – “they are potentially phenomenal but essentially dilapidated”. Between his first sight of the complex, also known as ‘Rutland Mills’, and now, Paul Kempe has been inspired to expand Europe’s largest creative community to the site which has been disused since 1999. Welcome to Tileyard North!

Much like Tileyard London, Paul’s vision for this northern extension is “a vibrant destination for creative and collaborative partnerships in music, film, TV, design, new media and indeed all facets of the commercial creative sector”. Expanding Tileyard to Wakefield will allow independent artists and businesses to close the gap between the north and south creative industries. An inclusive, creative hub in Wakefield will be hugely positive in terms of establishing new business relationships and networks, creating new job opportunities and empowering people in the north of England.

Work is now well underway on the flagship scheme which has been described by current Wakefield Council leader Denise Jeffery as a “gamechanger” for the city. Within the complex there are exciting plans for workshops and music studios, bars, restaurants and cafes, conference spaces and even a new hotel.  In addition, Paul commented that, “There’s the possibility of having some post-production studios, which could tie in to Channel 4 in Leeds. We are definitely going to run an education programme there too and we have already been in talks with universities.” 

Creatives will want to visit Tileyard North from local areas and further afield to experience what will be a thriving, vibrant community – to meet, to eat and stay in a hotel. It will be a place for people to work in a curated and open creative community. The facilities at Tileyard North will be available for the general public to experience and enjoy, mirroring those of Tileyard London who amongst its public spaces offers an onsite Brewery and Tap Room, (Two Tribes Brewery), Tileyard Health and Wellness, The Gallery Event space and Vinyl Cafe.

As it stands, the first building will be ready to welcome Tileyard Education in September 2021, with Phase 1 of Tileyard North completed by December 2022 and then officially open in 2023. Watch this space!

Anyone interested in future studio or office space at Tileyard North should get in touch via the Tileyard North website.

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