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Top 5 Tips for Creative Productivity

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We are often asked to generate fresh ideas and think differently. But what can we do if we hit a creative block? Here are our top 5 tips to boost your creative productivity.

1. Organise your thoughts

If you’re brainstorming for a new project or a creative idea pops into your head at the supermarket, be sure to capture all these thoughts effectively. The Tileyard team loves using the free application Trello to create lists, share ideas and manage projects efficiently.

2. Surround yourself with creative people

Here at Tileyard we are all about collaborative working and supporting others and this does not have to be in person. Often simply reaching out and talking to like-minded creative individuals will inspire you, generate positive energy and refresh your creative mind.

3. Look for inspiration

If you’re stuck in a creative rut, try something new and look for inspiration elsewhere. Starting a new book, signing up for a free online masterclass or taking up a new hobby can all lead to bursts of fresh creativity. 

4. Listen to music

We all know that music can boost our mood so why not listen to some of your favourite tracks to feed your creativity whilst you work. If you need some inspiration, take a listen to the latest tracks from the Tileyard community here

5. Unplug

Sometimes you just need to take a break. Step away from your desk and get some fresh air. Even a 15 minute walk can do your brain and eyes a world of good!

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